The child marked by the Platinum Dragon.


Skills: Frothing, seizing, smelling flowers, talking to animals, speaking a seemingly made-up language, reciting the holy word of the great dragon god, making enemies suffer, bleeding out the ears.

Feats: Greater Savant, Infant Neglect, Hallowed Birth, De-humanized Life, Sadness Marked by Fits of Transient Joy

Powers: Eye-Glowing Prophesying (Utility), Channeling the Divine Fire (Daily), Doing a Cartwheel (At-Will)


Malo’s life has been short and unfortunate. He was abandoned in an monastery near the top of a mountain, left to live in the cold care of austere monks. The few other children living in the temple steered clear of him, sensing, somehow, that he was different. For his part, Malo was oblivious. Neglected as an infant, he never learned to speak, but he enjoyed playing in the gardens and reveled in simple pleasures. His innocent isolation was shattered the day the fits began. For days on end, Malo fell into trances and seizures, reciting a litany of nonsense words. Dark clouds and lightning surrounded the monastery, and a strange aurora shimmered overhead. The omens grew more violent as Malo continued to speak. After carefully transcribing his words, the monks realized he was speaking fluently in Supernal, the language of the gods, and reciting the holy teachings of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. When the fits stopped, peace returned but nothing was the same. The monks knew that the prophecy had begun. Malo had to leave the temple. An old monk, Saul, took the boy into his care and set out to find the signs of his destiny. Tragedy followed closely and patiently…


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